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Oldest. Behaviour-wise, opposite.
I don't want to be normal, I just want more people to be weird.
Sheryl is the middle child. She loves fangirling, watching dramas and subbing (when she finds the time, which hasn't been occuring lately). She also loves singing, dancing and writing. She is not good at giving introductions. Other than that, she is a boring normal person. Sheryl is not a people person -- they tire her out. She is a dreamer, thus she tends to daydream a lot. They don't make good inspiration for her writing though, because they always are too embarrassing to write down. Sheryl is desperate for inspiration to write -- will you be nice and give her some?
Esther is the youngest of the three, and greatly loves writing, stars, dancing and science. She has got to be the random-est person to touch the surface of the earth and is (in)famous for her constant "thinking", in which she stares into space for prolonged periods of time. She admires sarcastic and witty people, and people who have layers. (Ogres are like ONIONS. ONIONS have LAYERS.) And she's not talking about photoshop here. She has the most annoying gift/curse of empathy, that sometimes disappears when she needs it most. She loves to talk to people inside her head, and sing in the shower.
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