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11 November 2007 @ 11:10 pm
third, first.  
Imoutoandimouto have gone so now it's my turn.

I know that the first post is supposed to be all well rehearsed and thought out, so as to give a proper impression, but since the community was created just tonight, I guess it's okay. Besides, it's not as though we don't know each other. Another thing is that even though it is far from late, I have got to run soon, so hey. Short. Quickie.

Man. I don't know what to go for! Introductory post, or a lot of random crap! You have no idea how many times I just typed carp. Let's go with that.

Wow hey I spaced out for a moment and then I came back with a lot of rubbish about myself, all in this stiff formal thingadoo. Starting again. I draw. I wouldn't call myself an artist just yet; at this age we're all still learning. It's frustrating and fantastic and also quite fun. I write, not as well as I draw, but I do. I enjoy singing, but my range is a strange one and so I don't do it often. And yes, I procrastinate, but so do you.

Right now, I'm into Discworld, Sandman, and News. Obsessions older and ongoing include FMA, FFVII and a little bit of JtHM. And Naruto, which will always be my first love. It's like there's this comfortable lurkspot that I can just retreat into, with Naruto. I'm a lurker-type; the sort who adds to your hits and not your reviews. Yes, I'm terrible. I know.

Esther doesn't believe that Rich and Good Cake Shop exists. I'll show her.

Instant mushroom curry is really good. This surprises and saddens me - are my tastebuds really dead and gone? Sheryl simply doesn't understand the beauty of instafood.

Man, this is LONG. And it was going to be quick. SHIT I'M GONE
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