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14 December 2007 @ 10:04 pm
Since nee-chan posted so randomly...  
I shall decide to post randomly too! Since that was such a random, empty, crack post. =D

I don't think it can get any worse than that.


Finally watching HYDtwo and Rui's adorable.

Sheryl: the rui/tsukushi scene was adorable
Sheryl: i shall transcribe it just for the sake of it
Sheryl: and and and ehm
Sheryl: you can ignore it
Charlotte: jinghui's still not replying and i'm gonna read it anyway xDD
Tsukushi: Ehh.. Ano...
Rui: Huh, -looks clueless-. Did I startle you?
Charlotte: =.= idiot
Tsukushi: Of course you did!
Rui: Should I not have?
Tsukushi: Of course you shouldn't have! -lies back on hospital bed and pulls covers up- Friends don't do this sort of thing.
Rui: We're just friends?
Tsukushi: Aren't we? Anyway it was so sudden. I wasn't emotionally ready.
Rui: But I just felt like it. I couldn't help it
-end of scene-


As you can see, nee-chan didn't really respond, but ahwell. We talk so randomly on MSN. I shan't bother to save chatlogs cause mine are never interesting anyway.

Heading for Anime@Expo with nee-chan and Jing Hui tomorrow! Too bad imouto-chan isn't around. Or else we'd have dragged her along, somehow. Nothing much has been going on in the realm of the three of us, huh?

That sounds weird.
Current Music: Love So Sweet - Arashi