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12 November 2007 @ 06:22 pm
and the world is blue!  
Any problem in the world
can be solved by dancing.

~ James Brown

Esther is cheerful! Yay. Even if her mother has placed a limit on her computer time.

Dance workshop today was fun! I think I'm minorly better at Hip-hop then I am at Jazz. Seeing as to how I was quite out of sync and terrible today, you can probably tell how 'good' I am at Jazz. This is me sweatdropping.

Evil nee-chan 2nd is so good at dance. If I ever have a kid she shall start dance at three.

So now neechanandneechan have all posted little introductions, I shall do the same.

The name's Esther, meaning Star. Or Secret/Hidden. I was named after the first Messiah, apparently. The name supposedly comes from the word Ishtar, evening star. Or so wikipedia says.

I dance (albeit rather badly), write, shadow, read, day dream, cry, imagine, counsel, all the usual things. I have a strange obsession with the letter J. Don't ask why. As of yet I have not found anything wrong with the letter, besides some people who bear names starting with J, so I shall boldly proclaim the fact!

I quote (rather loosely) a conversation with my dear friend Stefanie:
"You remind me of Lily. I think it's because of your hair."
"No really. You remind me of Lily."
"Because of my hair."
"It's not jusst because of your hair. You just have hair like Lily's."
"So I remind you of Lily because of my hair. Which isn't even red. I thought it would be because of my attractive personality."

...I think that's rather indicative, isn't it.